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Electrolysis is the pioneer of permanent hair removal methods. It works on all types of hair  and is safe for all  skin types . Electrolysis is still used today to remove the last hairs after laser treatments. It is an excellent definitive and permanent method for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.


FAQs on Electrolysis

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which Is Right for You?

Shaving, waxing,  sugaring , threading ,and tweezing often feel like losing battles. You get rid of hairs one day, but a few days later, it’s back and you have to address it again. If you’re sick of wasting time /money dealing with unwanted hair growth, you might want to consider permanent hair removal.

When it comes to removing hair permanently, you have two options:

- Laser hair removal or

- Electrolysis.

But what’s the difference between the two? Is one better than the other? Which one is right for you? Contact us to learn more !

How Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Work?

Electrolysis  hair  removal  involves the insertion of a very fine, sterile, probe into the hair follicle. A tiny amount of energy is then fed into the root of the hair, damaging it so that future hair growth cannot occur. Individual hairs are targeted one at a time.
The only sensation felt by the client is heat passing down the probe to the base of the follicle. The treatment of the hair root is achieved either by heat (thermolysis) or a chemical reaction (galvanic) or both (blend).   

A consistent series of treatments are required in order to achieve permanent hair removal. The number and length of these treatments will vary with each individual. These variables include but are not limited to hereditary factors, hormone levels, previous hair removal methods, and client sensitivity. Other factors can also be the moisture gradient and the level of sebum (the skin’s natural oils) beneath the skin at the time of treatment.

At Royal Skin Care Clinic we use the very latest, most advanced electrolysis equipment that is FDA and Health Canada approved.

Why should I choose electrolysis over temporary methods like waxing?

Electrolysis removes hairs permanently from the undesired parts of the body, which other temporary treatments don’t. In addition to this it can treat  all kinds of skin and hair on the face and body.

The methods like threading, plucking hairs with tweezers and waxing are temporary ways of getting rid of hairs from your body. These may sometimes have serious side-effects like discoloration of the skin and hardening of hair. Using razors for shaving might lead to skin irritation and faster hair regrowth.

Following these methods might cost you a much greater price than undergoing an electrolysis session for a permanent solution.

How Many Electrolysis Treatments Will I Need?

There are many influential factors behind hair growth for which, you may need to visit your electrologist  for multiple sessions of electrolysis hair removal. The exact number of visits required depends upon the case of the concerned person. 

Is Electrolysis  permanent? 

Yes, with electrolysis hair removal, the hairs are removed permanently with your safety maintained throughout the process. It can work effectively on every skin tone with any type of hair growth. It directly targets the root of hair follicle, restricting any regrowth in the treated area. 

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